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1 Consulting services        


    XISC carries out the customer personnel responsibility system. For the new customer, we carry out the first asking responsibility system. With warm reception, questions and answers, and no interruption service are all we insisting。


2 Delivery period        -8522.com


   Building steel,wire rods and bars:30days. Plates:35days(45days if heat treatment required). Delivery date will be subject to release date.


3 On-line information services    


    XISC provides Online Sales System, on which customers can check MTC, delivery time, delivery quantity, logistics tracking and payment reconciliation. Of all the information, MTC, delivery time and delivery quantity can be checked 24 hours after production。


4 Complaints handling  


    Customer complaints will be accepted in 1 workday. For any questions of quality, XISC will send relevant person to the site, in 2 workdays for Hunan province and in 4 days for others provinces. And it will be handled in 7 workdays if the question is verified. For the questions need further analysis, it will be handled in 15 workdays. For any questions of measurement, the questions will be handled in 5 workdays. For customer complaints, in 3 workdays。


5 Logistics service        -澳门新葡葡京


    XISC provides the transport service on railway, highway and waterway. For the waterway transportation, the ship will reach the Yangtze area in 12 to 14 days. For the highway transportation, the products which are ready for loading will be delivered in 8 hours。


6 MTC online printing-www8522ccm新葡京


    The Sales Online system of XISC provides MTC online printing. The original MTC, according to customer’s requirement, will be sent to customer 3 days after manufacture. And two times one week。


7 Financial settlement and reconciliation  


    On 10th of each month, the financial department will send contract settlement invoice and freight invoice whose dates are both from 16th to 31st of last month together. And on 25th of each month, they will send the settlement invoice and freight invoice whose dates are from 1st to 15th together. We offer the financial reconciliation for the whole year。


8 Technical support        


    According to the different application, we introduce the proper products. Also we offer technical service, and we will research and develop the product together with our customers。